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Skinny Up!TM Reduce and Skinny Up Maintain

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Skinny Up!TM Reduce…
The Doctor’s choice for weight loss. Now hormone free with the same great results!! 

Order Skinny Up! NowOrder Diet Plan ProductsLooking for safe and effective ways to lose weight fast? Look no further! Our new hormone-free weight loss support product, Skinny Up! Reduce began production in January 2012 as a replacement for Skinny Up! HCG which had been by far the best weight loss product on the market, helping thousands of patients across the United States and Canada meet their weight loss goals.

Skinny Up! TM began working on different versions of Skinny Up! HCG when the FDA expressed wide concerns about the efficacy, safety and legal status of HCG as a weight loss product early in 2011. At Health Care Solutions, we are proud to say that Skinny Up! has done it yet again with Skinny Up! Reduce, providing a superb hormone-free fast weight loss product as a great alternative to HCG.

Since our launch in early 2011, clients seeking safe ways to lose weight fast have relied on Health Care Solutions professionalism and support throughout the dieting process.

Skinny Up! for safe and quick weight loss results!

Skinny Up! Reduce vs. Skinny Up! HCG Original Formula…
We were admittedly a bit skeptical in the formula changing, but the results with Skinny Up! Reduce have been nothing short of amazing for fast weight loss. Since we launched Skinny Up! Reduce in early 2012 patients following our weight loss programs are actually losing a comparable amount of weight using this product as reported with our Skinny Up! HCG Original Formula. With the addition of all the amino acids, maca, and african mango, along with the complex that Skinny Up! TM already employed (dandelion root, guggal gum and eleuthero root), Skinny Up! Reduce is the best weight loss program that causes dramatic appetite suppression, fast weight loss, focuses on adipose fats and resets the hypothalamic/pituitary complex for healthy weight loss leaving our clients feeling great!

The best weight loss program on the market just got better…
While the Skinny Up! HCG Original Formula was by far the safest and best ways to lose weight, some skeptics were concerned about the 500 calorie very low carb diet (VLCD). With Skinny Up! Reduce you now have 2 different low carb diet weight loss programs to choose from…

Turbo Weight Loss Program: the traditional Turbo Weight Loss program (a.k.a. Very Low Carb Diet) dates back to Dr. Simeons research in the 1950’s and continues to be a very effective diet plan producing the quickest weight loss results.

Accelerated Weight Loss Program:
In addition to the traditional Turbo Weight Loss program (a.k.a. Very Low Carb Diet dating back to Dr. Simeons research in the 1950’s) recommended for quickest weight loss results, Skinny Up! Reduce now offers an alternative, less stringent but very effective option: the Accelerated Weight Loss program. This new alternative allows for a wider variety of foods than the Turbo Weight Loss program giving you two great ways to lose weight fast without starving or serious side-effects of other diet and weight loss products. View the diet plan and check out our other excellent diet products on our sister site:

Order Skinny Up! NowSkinny Up! TM Maintain

Many of our clients have asked for a Skinny Up product that can be taken after the diet to help maintain their new weight set point. By popular demand the Skinny Up! team has done it again. Skinny Up! Maintain is a dietary supplement which supports muscle development, burning of fat and increased energy. This can be taken during Phase III or anytime thereafter as a daily supplement.

Skinny Up! TM ...for Life!!

Skinny Up products continue to be produced in the United States under the strictest of guidelines. When you purchase Skinny Up! TM products, you are purchasing NDC certified products.

The information and statements on this website have not been evaluated by the FDA. Skinny Up! TM products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The information provided on this website is not intended to take the place of the advice of your personal healthcare professional, or primary care physician.

Skinny Up! TM ...the doctor's choice for weight loss and sold exclusively by licensed health care practitioners.

We are committed to helping our clients achieve balance through good health and nutrition. Skinny Up! TM products are sold exclusively through licensed healthcare providers.   
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